About Greg Verdino

Greg Verdino helps organizations translate major shifts in business, technology, culture and consumer behavior into breakthrough strategies for transformational growth.

He is a highly regarded marketing futurist, business strategist and innovation consultant who has advised 49 of the Fortune 500 and a wide range of mid-sized organizations; has served in senior leadership positions at more than a half-dozen scrappy technology and digital media start-ups; and has launched digital-first products, lines of business, and divisions from within traditional companies. During his 23 year career, Greg has worked as a pioneer in the shift toward digital advertising, as an early evangelist for internet radio and online video (more than a decade ago), and as a leading innovator in social media marketing and social business strategy. He is known for his uncanny ability to forecast trends, spot the difference between fads and the future, and apply his knowledge of the marketplace to solve pressing business challenges.

He is the author of microMARKETING: Get Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small (McGraw-Hill, 2010), and a contributing author to the book Reinventing Interactive and Direct Marketing (ed. Stan Rapp, McGraw-Hill, 2009). Throughout his career Greg has served as a go-to expert on marketing, innovation, strategy, and social business for a wide range of mainstream media outlets including Advertising Age, Adweek, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CNN, Cablevision News12, Fox News Channel, the New York Times, Newsday, OMMA, and the Toronto Globe & Mail. Since 2006, Greg has been writing a popular and influential blog on marketing and media innovation.

Greg is also a popular business speaker who has given speeches, led panel discussions and presented webinars at dozens of corporate and association events throughout North America, in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and online. Past appearances have included Advertising Week NYC, Brand ManageCamp, Custom Content Conference, DM Days New York, ExpoMarketing (Bogota, Colombia), Inbound Marketing Summit, Marketing Trends Expo (Panama City, Panama), MarketingProfs B2B Summit, OMMA Social, PSFK New York, Social Media Week NY and many others.

Prior to founding his own strategy and innovation consultancy, VERDINO LLC, Greg was head of strategy at Dachis Group, where he worked with BIC, Citibank, Fidelity, GE, Michaels Stores, Nestle, and others. He joined Dachis Group through its acquisition of social agency Powered; and Powered through its acquisition of crayon, the social media consultancy at which he served as Chief Strategy Officer and in which he was a principal. He has also served in media, marketing, sales and general management roles at Digitas, ROO.tv (now KIT Digital), Akamai, Arbitron, Wunderman, and Saatchi & Saatchi, among others.

He lives on Long Island in a 19th century house, with his 20th century wife, and 21st century daughter.

If you’d like Greg to speak at your event, or would like to learn more about how he can help you implement micromarketing strategies at your company, contact him today.